AI-powered Mixed Reality for a blueprint-free
Build complicated easily.

LLC “BRIO MRS” is an IT company developer
of the mixed reality system for bringing a BIM to
the construction site by embedding it in a real
environment in mixed and augmented reality modes.
The BRIO MRS solution consists of: equipment
(mixed reality tablet, licensed software, technical
support (annually). The company has patents for the
invention and utility model of a mixed reality device,
the accuracy and stability of the solution compete
with Microsoft, Google and Apple.
Combining the experience of construction engineers
and developers led to the creation of a digital
solution that is in demand in practical construction.
LLC “BRIO MRS” is part of the CG “BRIO” — a holding
company specialized in the design of construction
projects, technical inspection of buildings and
structures, development of technological equipment
and automated construction management systems