1. The worker places the light source boards(inserted wire) into the lampbodies and places the lamp bodiesinto the chain molds.2. The automatic riveting machine press the light source board well->feedlamp caps, test bright(power on)->cut and bend the wires-*riveting->tightenlamp caps-> automatic unloading, the robotic arm places the qualifiedproducts into the conveyor and places the unqualified bulbs into the NGbasket.
3. The worker manually places the covers into the machine’ s conveyor andplaces the lamp bodies into the machine’ s bottom molds, then theassembly machine dispenses glue, installs covers, puts a laser marking onthe lamp bodies, and finally, the robotic arm picks the bulbs up and insertsinto the aging line.
4. The bulbs will pass the low voltage area, high voltage, and normal voltagearea on the aging line, the wattage of every bulb will be measured, and therobotic arm will sort out qualified products and NG products..